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For just about as long as I can remember, having a guitar in my hands has been as natural as breathing. With help from friends, we've made a lot of music over the years.

Iíve never really been very good at sounding like other players, and so I gave up early and just sound like me. After a few years doing alright as a working musician I connected with another passion - high tech - and started down a different career path. I have never lost my passion for music and playing guitar.

I played my last paid gig in 1982, and walked away from the business. Lifeís been pretty good to me since then, and Iím still around, still playing guitar.

A long time went by without much time for writing or recording, and Iím still very busy with other things. I still try to play every day and any time I get the chance.

This site is a evolving very slowly, and I donít have much time to spend on it. I hope that it amuses you and entertains you. If you have suggestions you can email them to me at "axgrinder @"

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